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Hi there,

This site was the idea of, and kindly set up by, my good friend Johan Premfors - who also posted a first post that sadly had to be deleted for family viewing reasons .....

If you find your way here for some reason, we are currently in a village called Namche Bazaar en-route to Everest Base Camp, as part of the Ice8000 Mt Everest Summit Expedition 2006. Total of 11 climbers now in the party, as follows:

Mr Henry Todd, British - Expedition Leader (non-climbing)
Mr Tim Calder, British
Mr Adrian Hayes, British
Miss Serena Brocklebank, British
Mr Tim Colquhoun, Australian
Mr Mark Squirrell, Australian
Dr Andreas Botha, South African
Dr Michael Brennan, British
Dr Robert Casserley, British
Mr John Pomfret, British
Mr Ben Cowes, British
Mr Tom Clowes, British

We should be in Base Camp on 13th April. The team website will commence updates from around that time, once base camp has been set up, in its "expedition news" section of the website.

Otherwise and carry full updates from all expedition teams.

Regarding this site, I have no idea if and when I'll be able to do anything from Base Camp, but if possible, will do!

My sincerest thanks to my sponsors - main sponsors Al Tayer Motors/Land Rover, co-sponsors Shell, and support sponsors Rolls-Royce PLC - for making this whole trip happen.




Blogger john said...

Hey Adrian,

Hope you made it past the 3000m headaches. Good luck and dont drink too much Chang at base camp!


4:19 pm  
Blogger Alexander Hayes said...

Hello Daddy,

How are you? Are you at Base Camp yet? I'm on Easter Holidays now. Charlotte has got Chicken Pox - so I can't go to my friends house! Is it cold there? Mummy said it's freezing - Charlotte wouldn't last there would she!

Love you.

Alexander, Woo Woos and Mummy

9:00 am  
Blogger elaine said...

Hi Adrian, Roger & Elaine here from UK.

We thought our 'treck'round Shipley was bad enough last weekend but having read the 'dispatches'we realise ours was no more than awalk in the park.
Stay safe

E & R x

9:41 pm  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Adrian,

Hope all going well. (not toooo cold). Thursday 20th April - glorious 27degrees. Sunny West Australia. Take care.

Julie, Mark, Sarah, Dylan, Brenda & Sid xxxxx

6:25 pm  
Blogger Dawn said...

Movements to date: 13 - 22 April

Hi Everyone,

Adrian is unable to update the blogsite from base camp, so as I'm in touch most days, wanted to share with everyone who checks in here, just what's been happening....

13 April. Adrian reached base camp and has suffered with a bad head yesterday and today, although 2,000 metres higher than usual - before altitude sickness set in.

17 April. Fast pace, sickness (and the rest!) made for a pretty hard day today, whilst going up the icefall.

17 - 19 April. These 3 days have been pretty hard on everyone there. Storms and heavy snowfall, on Everest, has left it impossible to go up the icefall. Totally snowed in at BC.

Other teams stuck at camp 1 and 2, and for days been unable to move from position, with little food and fuel.

20 April. Clear day today, but not safe to go up icefall until mountain of snow compacted. However, Adrian & Aussie Tim did a fast hike to Gorak Shep. The whole team will be climbing Kala Pattar tomorrow.

The teams that were stuck at camps 1 & 2 have managed to get down today - very hungry.

21 April. Sadly, 3 Sherpas were killed and several injured on the icefall, early in the morning. This is the first major accident on the fall for a few years.

22 April, Adrian and 6 others, will be heading up to camp 1, for two nights; carrying loads and for acclimatisation.

Will let you all know more, as and when I know.

Hope all is well with everyone.


12:38 am  
Blogger elaine said...

Hiya Adrian

We're keeping updated with your progress via Dawn's reports. Hope your attempts at acclimatisation are successful and this next stage goes without problems.

Take care

Roger & Elaine

2:11 pm  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Adrian,

Hope you have got over your 'headaches' (and not creating more)!!!!! We are following your journey, this Anzac Day. Take care and STAY SAFE. All send their love - Julie xxxxx

1:44 pm  
Blogger WadiBihAce said...


Best of luck, Matey ... tracking your progress from the m/v Marrsk Assister mid North Sea .....

2:25 am  
Blogger ExSafaNerdie said...

Hi Major,

Trust all is well. Will be tracking you and team movements from the 'good ship' m/v Maersk Assister .... somewhere in the North Sea ..... Keep up the good work - hopefully, you won't bump into Bill Algaier on the Hilary Steps .... pete l.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Dawn Hayes said...

Sorry, unable to get into Adrian's blogsite to update same, so will post what he has sent to me, here....

Tues 2nd May

Back in Base Camp after our 3 nights at Camp 2 (6400mtrs), during which we hiked up to the base of the Llotse Face at 6600 mtrs - superb views from there.

Plan is now for the five of us who've been placed in the A team (Rob, Aussie Tim, Squiz, Pommie and myself) to go up to Camp 2 again on Thursday, moving to Camp 3 on the Llotse Face (7300mtrs) on Saturday for the night, before heading back to Camp 2.

If the fine weather continues, however, Henry Todd may keep us at Camp 2 and launch a summit attempt from there after a few days rest. So..... we could be launching as early as 9/10 May, though Plan A (returning to Base Camp and launching a summit bid from there after some rest), is probably still the favourite. All dependent on the weather....

Feeling strong personally, got bad headaches on arrival at Camp 2 but totally expected. Providedes keep them at bay, feeling confident. The 5 of us are all strong, so, weather permitting, we stand a good chance of summitting.


10:48 am  
Blogger JJ and Anne said...

hi ade,

hope u r ok, we are thinking of u. hope u reach the summit soon and safely.

jj & ann

2:06 am  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Adrian,

"Not long now"!!! All the very best and good luck from ALL YOUR AUSSIE RELLIES - Keep Safe.

Luv Julie, Mark, Sarah, Dylan, Brenda & Sid xxxx

12:23 pm  
Blogger rob mc said...

you"d better get up there so I can sound off to Bronco!!!!!!!

8:35 pm  
Blogger Julie said...


What a HUGE accomplishment. Something that you've been working toward for a long time. Hope you got the 'Airbus' off the ground. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU. Hope to catch up soon and share, I'm sure many 'stories'!!! Take care, stay safe.

LotsaLove always - Your Aussie Rellies - Brenda, Sid, Julie, Mark, Sarah & Dylan. xxxxxx

10:14 am  
Blogger ExSafaNerdie said...


Well done old chap!

Personalised number plate now ?

8848 4ME ?

Gaberdeen Angus

11:17 am  
Blogger elaine said...

Many congratulations Adrian, we are very proud of you. We cannot begin to imagine what it took to achieve what you did but we look forward to hearing all about it very soon. Stay safe.
Love from Rog & Elaine xx

9:26 pm  
Blogger csb said...

Well done Adrian. I was in D squ ca. 10 yrs before you and now run an ARA email update net and will post your fantastic achievement, tho I don't think you are a member of the ARA, would you like to join?
Chris Buckman

1:02 am  
Blogger Eugene said...


Fantastic news and well done on your achievement. Been following all the despatches and sounds like an amazing experience for you and the team.
Your nephew, Sam, has already decided he wants to follow in your footsteps!
Just one other thing... I had an airmiss with an inflatable A380 over Northern India the other night!

Hope the descent goes well and look forward to seeing and hearing all about the expedition.

Euge, Paula and Sam

4:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian

congrats on the accomplishment. gives inspiration to other over 40s that such things are still possible for us. Alastair, exD

2:29 pm  

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