Sunday, May 21, 2006

At Camp 2: 6,400m

Tim, Mike & I completed a long trek up from BC yesterday. Despite the 3rd time having been up and down here, it doesn't get any easier!

Nothing prepares you for the heat of the Western Cwm, a glacier approx 3km long in an amphitheatre surrounded by Nuptse, Lhotse and the west face of Everest. The effect is just a magnitude of sun/UV radiation, which drains every ounce from the body. Thankfully, we have 2/3 days rest at Camp 2.

On the way upto Camp 2, we met the summiteers from the 1st team. Whilst Serena & Squiz were relatively fine, Pommy & Ben had frostbitten feet, Tom frostbitten hands, and Andreas was in a very weak state indeed also with bad frostbite. It was actually quite sobering seeing them all.

Rob will be joining us from BC tomorrow, to complete our team. Therefore, with Sherpas rested from the first team summit, we should hopefully be moving up to Camp 3 on Tuesday.

Heavy snow today. As such, some problems in communications, as unable to solar charge mobile. Hope to let you know more in the next day or so.




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