Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Camp 3: 7,200m

Completed another tough day up to Camp 3, which is on the Ltoste face. Feeling excited, but extremely fatigued and the altitude sickness has set in again, ie severe headaches.

I have to say that I'm finding it hard to get used to the intense heat and heavy loads we've had to carry, and, as such, didnt perform as well as I hoped. Tomorrow should bring extra relief from the loads we carry, as we take lighter loads and also use oxygen for the frist time on a low flow rate.

Presently perched on a ledge, it’s 4pm and I'm looking down at the Western Cwm. You really feel you’re on top of the world here and the panoramic views are simply spectacular.

A further note about the snow conditions on the mountain - another expedition leader, just back from the summit, said its the best conditions he's seen on Everest. This can only go to boost moral within the team, provided, of course, we het the anticipated good weather the next 2 days.

Looks like I'm in for an interesting night.....which will be spent crammed in with the 2 Tim's, in a small tent, perched precariously on the mountain! No doubt kit everywhere, boiling up copious amounts of snow to drink and feeling awful to boot. I have to say I am not looking forward to this at all - at a time when I really need the sleep before the final push tomorrow.

The team will be looking to leave Camp 3 around 9 in the morning, arriving at Camp 4 around 3pm. Here we will be resting before the final assault at 9pm, climbing through the night. With luck we should reach the summit sometime Thursday morning on Thursday.

Wish me luck!



Blogger anthonyfloyd said...

i think to wish you good luck Adrian would be an understatement ! thinking of you and all our very best wishes
Anthony Trish and family

9:25 am  
Blogger vikingdubai said...

Our thoughts are with you as you are in the middle of your assault of a very scary mountain. We can't wait to hear that you are back down safe and sound. Reaching the summit is only a bonus, your safety is what counts. We are very proud friends sharing with others your adventures on top of the world and you've made us proud no matter what.
Love from Jo & Go Premfors

9:06 pm  
Blogger Pauline & Daniel said...

Adrian, we're thinking of you today as you make your push for the top. Good luck, love Pauline & Daniel

11:01 pm  

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