Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Camp 4: 7,900m

The day I have been waiting for....all the preparation and training that goes into this has come into fruition.

My mind is racing with the thoughts of the anticipated summit, as we sit here resting at camp 4. Jubilant that we got this far, but still apprehensive for the inevitable all night jaunt we have ahead.

The team is in great spirits. I want to say, it has been a great pleasure to have spent this time, with the 2 Tims, Rob and Mike and of course everyone from the first team whom summited last week: Ben, Tom, Squiz, Andries (not Adrian!), Pommy & Serena... you can really appreciate the comradeship and support, you all share on an expedition of this kind. One of the team members, Tim Calder, I have known for many years, and have served with him in the Gurkhas. It is indeed a great opportunity to work along side him again.

The 'team' of course extends to the Sherpas, which we owe much to their huge commitment and dedication to the work that they do here and, I can’t tell you, the amount of help these guys have been to us, and the whole expedition effort.

We set off this morning, clear skies, and calm weather, as expected from the previous day's forecast, to arrive camp 4, at around 3pm, to a colder and windier front. Tonight's wind speed is estimated at 12 knots, so weather does seem to be on our side.

The trek today cannot have been more different than yesterdays, lighter loads and the use of oxygen, have made things somewhat easier and almost eradicated the effects of the altitude sickness. Further, I have to say, yesterday was the worst day ever and, no doubt came through in my blogsite. Today, (probably with the aid of the Oxygen!), I'm feeling confident and raring to go, and thankfully, all the other members of the team feel the same.

It goes without saying, there are times here when you are feeling low, last night in the tent is a good example! But the other day, I spoke to my 7 year old son, Alexander. He told me how well he had done in his swimming and that he had moved up a book in reading...he said he felt quite proud of himself! I congratulated him on his achievements and then he went onto ask if I was, "on the top yet!" Such conversations, while you are here, let me tell you, are quite uplifting. The hours’ one is sitting around waiting, sickness, exhaustion and even frustration at times, can be endless.

Similarly, I just want to thank everyone for all their good wishes they have sent, and believe me, they've all been a great motivator and I do appreciate them.

Anyway, will sign off now and hope the next time I sign in is when I'm on the summit!



Blogger anthonyfloyd said...

Well Adrian I think that is a big old congratulations isn't it! just heard the news from Dawn via text. Now get yourself safely down
Anthony Trish etc.

8:27 am  
Blogger hoss said...

Hi Adrian well done, what an achievment.get down safely and hope to see you soon Dave cartwright, John told me about this site

1:14 am  
Blogger GlobalClimbing said...

Hi Adrian,
Fantastic and well done you! Flying the kite showed a certain style. Lots of new routes to really test yourself on when you get back. Wishing you a safe journey home.


Pete and Guida

10:13 pm  

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