Thursday, May 11, 2006

Everest Update

Took a bit longer than planned for the 2nd despatch, but here goes.....

Well! We've been here 6 weeks now and the past month has basically been a case of going up and down the mountain (5 times in total) to increasingly higher elevations - for the purposes of acclimatisation and load carrying/camp set up.

That phase is now complete, and, like most teams, we've now come right down the valley to the (relative) oxygen rich environment of 4000 mtrs to rest and recuperate before heading back up to Base Camp for the summit attempts. Without sounding too philosophical, its like walking in the garden of Eden! And last night we had a stormer of an evening in the Lodge at Ochu with a load of Serbian trekkers, including a famous singer and some other musician's, who'd brought along a guitar. The inevitable followed....

Back to Everest. Sue Todd will continue updating daily events on the website. Of the 2 general sites, is much better than except that the authors have a personal vendetta against Henry Todd and Ice 8000, so dont expect to read anything of our team on it!

Finally, the personal stuff that wont go on the site. In a team of 11 (plus the two Llotse climbers) living in incredible close proximity over such a length of time, team dynamics, individual performances and individual mental attitudes are fascinating to watch. And Henry, Kami (the Sherpa Sirdar) and all the Sherpas have (as we learned two days ago) been watching us all very carefully over the past month.

Henry thus set the two team groupings two days ago based on all this. Im in the 2nd group along with Rob Cassiley (who's summitted before), my ex Gurkha Officer mate Tim Calder (who got to 300mtrs from the summit last year), Aussie Tim and one other TBC. Henry's told us this is the strongest group, but, whatever the theory, as long as we summit none of us mind if were 1, 2, 3 or 10th group!

Tim said last night that he thinks its by far the best position to be in, and that all the Sherpa's think the five of us have an excellent chance of summitting. We hope so, however, a long way to go.

Reckon first attempts will be taking place around 16/17, with us a few days later, but all subject to change.

Presntly I feel good, excited and just waiting to give it our last efforts. Already, its probably the hardest thing ever done - and thats before summit attempt!

Thanks for the comments and support by the way, very much appreciate.

All the best,



Blogger fred fearnley said...

hi adrian may i congratulate you on your great achivement.
fred fearnley 1963 / 1984

1:04 pm  
Blogger Alan Batty said...

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5:43 pm  
Blogger Alan Batty said...

Dear Adrian, my sincere best wishes,I am sure Bronco and Brummy are as delighted as I am with your fantastic result. Please pass on my congratulations to your support team, without whom, it would have been impossible to reach the summit.
I used to live in the Cambrian Mountains, now on the slopes of Mount Etna, I only wish I could really call myself a "Mountaineer".

I very privilaged title that you
certainly have achieved.

5:51 pm  

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