Friday, May 19, 2006

First Summits

Back at Base Camp. Been thru the most suspenseful and fascinating 2 days I have virtually ever experienced....

First our good friends from Jagged Globe (Kenton, Rhys, Baz, Carlos and 2 sherpas) paved the way for the rest of us with the first summits this season from the south. Breaking trail thru deep snow and fixing lines as they climbed, they only summitted at 15:15 hrs local, way past safe turnaround times, and the whole of base camp listened to their progress with great nerves and worry. Thankfully they all got down to the south col in remarkable time.

Then today, our 2nd team went for the summit. Serena Brocklebank summitted in an incredible time of 7.45 at 05:15 hrs local time, followed a few hours later by the brothers Tom and Ben Clowes and Andreas Botha, and finally a couple of hours later by Pommie and Squiz. A huge achievement for the team which inspired all of us.

We're now set to head up Saturday for a possible summit Wed/Thur, all dependent on weather. It's all getting very nervous and worrying, but we just hope for a weather window like the guys today and will give it our very best.

18 May


Blogger shyam kandel said...

Dear Sir ,
i am so happy for you , reading your blog and wish your goal will be successed and best of luck. I am a Nepali working here in Dubai and i am very much hopeful, your blog will motivate to those who are eager to climb Everest. hope you will share your experience . all the best .

Lila Nath kadel

12:58 pm  

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