Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Trek Out

Tues 30 May

What I hoped would be a fantastic trek out somewhat spoiled by food poisoning the past 2 days, the worse Ive had on the whole trip. Cest la Vie.

Now arrived Namche Bazaar, and we just hope that we get some good weather tomorrow for our helicopter to fly us out to Katmandu.

This is probably the last blog update I'll enter before we go home. The blog was only ever meant to be a personal diary/logbook to keep for posterity, as well as for a few close friends/family, but seems to have become more widely known about. Whatever, if its entertained....

The Ice8000 website (www.ice8000.com) has the full expedition log for anyone interested.

Thanks very much to everyone who sent texts on my satellite phone, or E-mailed their congrats, and everyone else for their kind wishes and support. Its been overwhelming.

Finally, a huge thanks also to my sponsors, Al Tayer Motors/Land Rover, Shell, and Rolls-Royce PLC. Thanks a million guys, wouldn't have been possible without you, and hope your happy with the exposure you've got - and looks like will continue to get for a few weeks!

Im totally walking on water and am still on top of the World....


Blogger Lisa & Richard said...

Adrian - WOW!! you made it to the Top of the World - awesome effort– well done and especially when you were under more pressure with the oxygen problems.

Look forward to catching up and hearing all the stories when you make it back.

Massive effort, you should be very proud, hope you are feeling better. Lisa & Richard xx

7:32 pm  
Blogger Mum & DD said...

Well done Adrian! Everyone here is so pleased and very excited over your achievement. Margaret Wheeler took the picture home to show Denny, her husband, who is very interested indeed. She brought some copies back. Spoke to Ben Craig yesterday (he's now a reporter for the Lymington Times) and he will do a write up when we possibly get some extra pics. The one we have with the Land Rover 'bag' is very dark. Will you have any more soon? Or will we wait till you get back to Dubai? Hoping the weather clears up so you can get to Kathmandu soon, and then home for all the celebrations. You will be pleased to hear that we now have a brand new computer installed. Much love from mum, DD, Ginger & Lucky

10:20 pm  
Blogger csb said...


Many congratulations on your magnificent achievement for Our Country and for the SAS


Sir Peter de la Billière
Adjt 21 SAS 1960 – ‘62

3:33 pm  

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